Sanja Sarajlija

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This is my story about Bullying. I was bullied 6 years in Elementary school. First and second class of Elementary school i was good with friends in class. We was played, joke and there was not problems. When I come to third class everything was changed. Everyone in class start hated me, slandered me, they said to me that i stink, they harass me and said to much bad words to hurt me without heart. All 23 friends in class was followed me and looking at me, wherever i go, they was there. I was scream on them, but they was still following me. One time they was dragged my hair i was trying to protect myself, then they hit me with leg. They was said to me that i have big nails, that i am “rotten dough”. I was a lot time escaped from school, my mother was come to school, we was said to pedagogue and teacher, but it didnt helped, it was worst students in class was said that i am liar. Every day they told me that i stink, they ignored me and when they touch me then they very fast wash hands. One time when we was in holiday with class for five days, they closed me on balcony. They was stop bullying me one time, but not long. My father die. They was sad and was good with me some time. In last 8 class, everything was changed. They start again Bullying me. It was hard for me, i was didnt wanted to go in school and i was again escaped from school. Students from class was take my school bag and threw in garbage. I was bad exam, I was quiet and scary person, because they made me so. I become a different person, scary, quiet, gentle, withdrawn and sensitive. I will never forget 6 years Bullying, i will always remember that. Sometime when i remember that i start crying.


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I was bullied and it is terrible feel when all in class start to bullying you and when you always run home crying. They use bullying for a fun and joke to make themselves cool, but they have no idea how it can terrible be, how it hurts! Bullying must stop.