Jean Snow

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This is oddly comforting for me to read. I know it sounds strange. But, my son, who was diagnosed with severe Autism at the age of 15 months, is now 11 yrs old. He will be starting Middle School next school year and it scares me to death!! We were blessed to live in a town that has an ISD school that has been rated, for the last 15 yrs in the top ten in the nation for Autism! They were amazing. He went from a little guy whom we were told would never speak and never be potty trained, to a little boy who never wants to stop talking. He was potty trained for daytime by 3 yrs! And something amazing to me, was within the first week of school, at 16 months, they got him to pick up a crayon! When you go out to dinner, they give the little guys crayons and paper to occupy them. He’s #3 of 4. All the others would use the crayons. Even his baby sister, who was 6 months old would try them. He would scream. Unless they kept a never ending bowl of lemons coming! But, the first time we went out to dinner, the weekend after his first week at school, he wanted a crayon! And he happily drew! Amazing! And he’s been amazing us ever since. It’s not just the school, it’s his drive to learn and succeed! He is now integrated into a regular school. He’s in his little sisters grade. They’re born very close together,so that would have happened anyway. He has been there for two years and loves it. He seems to handle bullying at this grade level well. He goes and tells his sister and together they take the teacher aside so that he can tell her what happened and who else saw what happened. His sisters there for support. Next year will be so very different for them. So, thank you for all this info.