Kathleen Kord

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My only child was beaten and battered at public school inside the bathroom during class broken skull brain injury, jaw sheared off when face smashed into sink.bully kids kicked my child in the head over and over and over no one came to her rescue.******* no ambulance called Hospital called police principal and children arrested. my child feels as though and I quote "these bully kids raped my soul right out of life away from me I have a brain injury and now can not do things well. child is in process of total jaw joint reconstruction due to her jaw being smashed so badly. school did not care about us at all
we are a broken family and shattered by the violent attack that was premeditated and videotaped. Children charged with terroristic threats hate crime, child abuse, robbery and assault... principal arrersted too district atty did indeed press the charges on the school and children fully. criminals now. we are a broken family with no support from the school.
kathleen kord
887 olena street
wailuku, maui hawaii 96793
phone number 808 463 1217
violent assault took place during class time inside bathroom with a group of regular ed kids who plotted this event. sheer violence
no child deserves to be hurt.
the school did not have a bully policy intact.
home phone number is 808 463 1217

Let's Create a Bully Free World for Children with Special Needs

BULLY is now playing in theaters around the country. Please go see this important film with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Then tell us your story of bullying, and how the film inspires you to join the movement for a bully free world.

 For ideas and information about how you can make a difference in your community, check out our newly-released toolkit full of resources specifically designed for parents, educators and students dealing with bullying of children with special needs. 

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My child was special needs and went to school one day doing well and I was called to school at one pm and my child was beaten and battered inside the bathroom by a group of bully gang girls and she was robbed her skull broken traumatic brain injury they kicked in her skull over and over and over and threw her into toilet stall and smashed her face on sink. Our life is changed and my child is now forever damaged with traumatic brain injury now; The special needs was related to a GI medical need for care not for learning program under medical needs. We now have a child who is in need of total jaw joint replacement and jaw reconstruction and the school did not care. Police and feds got involved arrested the principal and arrested the kids that did this to my child The beat her robbed her and I quote “mommy the bully kids raped my soul right out of me and stole my life away.” the police came to the hospital. The School did not even call the police. The Hospital called the police and stated beaten and battered child at hands of Dept of ED.
We as a family are broken*.. The trauma surgeons tell us kids like this commit suicide and we are lucky she did not arrive in a body bag.

District Atty pressed charges successfully.

Police came to our rescue.*

Kathleen Kord email kkteaparty@hotmail.com
home phone 808 463 1217

No child deserves to be hurt at school.

An ambulance needs to be called for injuries.

This school did not have a bully policy, for real.