Self Advocacy

Self-Advocacy—What Is It and How Do I Practice It?


What is Self-Advocacy?

Self-advocacy means taking the responsibility for telling people what you want and need in a straightforward way. It is knowing how to: 


• speak up for yourself 

• describe your strengths, disability, needs, and wishes 

• take responsibility for yourself 

• find out about your rights 

• obtain help or know who to ask if you have a question


How Do I Practice Self Advocacy? 

Tips for Parents: How You Can Help Your Child Learn to Be a Good Self Advocate 

It is never too early to start teaching your child how he or she can advocate for himself or herself. Like many other important life skills, self-advocacy is a critical tool your child needs in order to achieve goals, increase self-sufficiency, and become a successful young adult. It is a lifelong process that begins with your child learning by watching you, as a parent, be a good advocate.


Tips for Teens: Use Your IEP Meetings to Learn How to Advocate for Yourself

Self-advocacy is a key step in becoming an adult. It means looking out for yourself, telling people what you need, and knowing how to take responsibility. No one is born knowing these skills. Everyone has to learn them. Ready to begin learning? Click on the link above for some great information from teens, for teens, that can start you on your way.


Teens—Drama: Is It Happening to You?

Drama. Bullying. Teasing. Harassment. No matter what you call it, it hurts. If you’re pushed, hit, or your things are ripped off or trashed, it can hurt physically. If you’re ignored by friends or cruel things are posted about you online, it can hurt emotionally. If it happens to you, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Why me?” You know how painful it is to be treated this way. So seriously, what can you do? A lot! Learn how. 


Student Action Plan

Bullying can be stopped, but that doesn’t just happen. You must take action and develop a plan that works for you and your situation. This is your opportunity to change what is happening to you or some else and to make a difference. You can get started by creating your own plan to take action against bullying!


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Self-Advocacy is figuring out how to talk up for yourself, settling on your own choices about your own particular life, figuring out how to get data with the goal that you can comprehend things that are important to you, discovering who will bolster you in your voyage, knowing your rights and obligations, critical thinking, listening and learning, connecting with others when you require help and fellowship, and finding out about self-assurance.
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This is SO important! Having a plan as to what to do in bullying situations is vital to helping put a stop to this epidemic! Only WE can stop bullying!
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Learn how to speak up about bullying, whether you're being bullied or witnessing it:
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Learn how to speak up about bullying, whether you're being bullied or witnessing it:
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