Talking About Disability


Telling Classmates About Your Child's Disability May Foster Acceptance

Parents and professionals find that when classmates understand a child’s disability, they may become allies in helping the child. “I found that children rose to the occasion when they understood the reasons for my son’s challenges,” says one mother. “When there’s an obvious difference, and no one is talking about it, children become confused and think there must be something ‘bad’ about it. When the children understood that the disability was not bad – just different – many were eager to help him.” One of the best ways to teach children about a disability is to talk to them about it at school. For many families, presenting at school is an annual event. 

To read more about ways to talk to your child's class about differences click here.

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Children may learn in school about disability.
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Child should realize the feeling of the disable child.
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It will help Disabled child to indulge himself with the classmates.
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Help children who are surfing from disability.
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