Special Needs Anti-Bullying Toolkit


Welcome to our specially designed tool kit for parents, teachers and students dealing with bullying and children with special needs. 

This toolkit is a set of resources for people to confront bullying of children with special needs from all angles - from talking to your children to knowing your rights to teaching tolerance in schools. Start by reading the Top Ten Facts to know about bullying and children with special needs, and then learn about the unique challenges children with special needs face when encountering bullying. 

Now you have the facts, but want to DO something to help create a bully free world? Getting started is as easy as writing a letter to your child's teacher, or asking your Principal to post your school's anti-bullying policy in public places around the school building. It could mean talking to your child about how he or she has experienced bullying, or reading about the roles of bullying and identifying your personal place in the cycle of bullying. 

David and Tina Long shared their own personal, painful experience with bullying in the BULLY film. They took some time recently to record this message about why they're excited about the resources available in the toolkit. Check it out - 

Every step towards a bully free world will help a child with special needs live free from fear and torment. Take your first action today, and tell us how you're working to create a bully free world for children with special needs in your home, school, and community. 


Enter the toolkit below to access unique resources for 

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Take special care of your child.
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