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Are you a kid with special needs? Do you have friends or classmates who have autism, learning disabilities, or use a wheelchair or a hearing aid? 

Kids who are different are all too often the targets of bullying, and sometimes it's hard to know what to do to stop it. Here's the good news: it's usually other kids who are most effective at stopping bullying as it's happening. 

Click on the links below to learn more about what you can do to create a bully free world in your school and community.


Who Am I?

There are many different roles involved in bullying - not just the bully and the victim. Click here to learn more, and figure out what role you play.

Self Advocacy

Learn how to speak up about bullying, whether you're being bullied or witnessing it. 


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These student resources is really helpful for young students.
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I love the resources you have provided to us. They are very much helpful.
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I really love the way you are taking stand against bullying.
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Thanks for sharing some great student resources. I really love it.
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Tell us the story of your bully child.
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I have friends with disabilities. But they are really brilliant. I respect them .
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I have a learning disability and i have friends that have disabilities, down syndrome and epilepsy and a friend that uses a wheelchair. I want to be an advocate for people with disabilities and special needs.
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